Teichmann & Söhne, Lillevan @Kulturraum Zwinglikirche, Berlin

Festplatten Family @ Suicide Circus, Berlin
Residency at Berlin Club Suicide Circus, hosted and curated by Gebrüder Teichmann.
Gary Martin aka Gigi Galaxy (Teknotika, Detroit)
Jay Ahern 
Gebrüder Teichmann (Disko B, Festplatten, Berlin)

Gebrüder Teichmann & Tapprik Sweezee @ MFOC Golden Pudel, Hamburg

RAPPELKISTE @ Klunkerkranich, Berlin

Festplatten Family @ Suicide Circus, Berlin
Residency at Berlin Club Suicide Circus, hosted and curated by Gebrüder Teichmann.

Arttu (Clone, Philpot, Berlin) live
Pablo Bolivar (Avantroots, Desolat, Barcelona)
Tijana T (Festplatten, ADR, Belgrade)
Gebrüder Teichmann (Disko B, Festplatten, Berlin)
Jackbox (Noonecares, Salon Records)

Zambezi News & Gebrüder Teichmann @ Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin
Political Satire from Zimbabwe

Gebrüder Teichmann @ Suicide Weekender, Berlin

24.08. - 28.08.
"Playing Future" @ Kunsthalle Kiel
Soundworkshop mit Jugendlichen Flüchtlingen & Kielern

RAPPELKISTE @ Klunkerkranich

Musik für Jung und Alt mit:
Holger In't Veld 
Florian Sievers
Andi Teichmann
Pablo Lauf

Andi Teichmann @ Hamburger Bahnhof
BAR 2 – 2 BARS as part of Dieter Roth - Weg mit den Minuten.

Bar und Musik.
Getränke und Künstler.

Musik: Andi Teichmann
Bar: Miss Hecker
Fotograf : Joji WakitaLineUp

Andi Teichmann & Taman @ Ukeralm Festival

Festplatten Family @ Suicide Circus, Berlin

Residency at Berlin Club Suicide Circus, hosted and curated by Gebrüder Teichmann.


Losoul (Playhouse, Killekill House Trax, Offenbach)
Barbara Preisinger (Slices Of Live, Berlin)
Gebrüder Teichmann (Killekill House Trax, Festplatten, Berlin)
Richard Zepezauer (n s y d e, DNP, Berlin)
Alternegro (Ficken3000, Berlin)

Urban String „Böser Barde“ @ Resonanzraum, Hamburg

Concert with Moritz Eggert (Piano, Voc) and Gebrüder Teichmann (Live Electronic), Ensemble Resonanz

Epigeneration Junior Lab @ Hafen2, Offenbach

Gebrüder Teichmann (Live)
Losoul (DJ)
Workshop for children: Gebrueder Teichmann, Polyjam + Vera Goos


Festplatten Family @ Suicide Circus, Berlin

Residency at Berlin Club Suicide Circus, hosted and curated by Gebrüder Teichmann.


Sascha Funke (Kompakt, Berlin)
Gebrüder Teichmann (Festplatten, Adaptr.Org, Berlin)
Deadbeat (BLKRTZ, Echochord, Montreal)
Perera Elsewhere (Friends of Friends, Berlin)

Soundcamp Karachi / Pakistan

Initiation, curation and participation of Soundcamp Karachi in cooparation with Dynoman & Rudoh from the Karachi based collective Forever South and Goethe Institute.


Dynoman - Karachi
Rudoh - Karachi
Tollcrane - Karachi
Alien Panda Jury - Karachi
Natasha Humera Ejaz - Karachi
Menimal - Maledives
rRoxymore - Montpellier/Berlin
Taprikk Sweeze - Hamburg
Arttu (AKA Lump) - Berlin
Ramsha Shakeel - Toronto/Karachi
Gebrueder Teichmann – Berlin


Abhörorgie @ BKA-Theater, Berlin

Impro-concert with Chatschatur Kanajan (Violine), Antonis Anissegos (Keys) and Gebrüder Teichmann (Live Electronics)
Live Film: Distruktur (Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn)
DJ: Stefan Goldmann

Mondmaschine @ Nrmal Festival / Mexico City

Presentation of "Die Mondmaschine", a Jodorovsky inspired experimental music movie with live scoring at Nrmal Festival in Mexico City, as the result of the Soundcamp Malinalco in cooporation with Khan Oral and Goethe Institut Mexico.

Fotos: http://nacorock.com/post/112670259008/mondmaschine-festival-nrmal-2015-deportivo-lomas

16. - 28.02.
Soundcamp Malinalco / Mexico

Initiation, curation and participation of the Soundcamp Mexico in cooperation with Khan Oral and Goethe Institut Mexico.
Jointventure of central american & german musicians and videoartists.

Mabe Fratti - Guatemala (Electronic/Vocs/Cello)
Ronald Bustamante Medina - Costa Rica (Feedback Guit/Ambient)
Ingmar Herrera - Panamá (Brass/Keys/Perc)
Clau Fernández - México (Bass/Git)
Julian Bonequi - México (processed Drums)
Gebrüder Teichmann - Germany (Live Electronics)
Can "Khan" Oral/Alemania – Germany (Vocoder/Loops)
Santi Rodríguez - México (Audio Engineer/Dub-Master)
Viral Inc. / Eric Erre & Ali Mejía - México (Video Art/Visuals)

+ special guests:
Gudrun Gut - Germany (Electronics)
Hans-Joachim Irmler - Germany (Synth/Organ)


Andi is part of the Interview based docu-novel "Mehr Als Laut" (Suhrkamp) by german author Jürgen Teipel
Working on the band project KAZIMOTO (Hot Work) with members of the tanzanian bands Jagwa Music and Segere in Dar Es Salam
KAZIMOTO perform at Sauti Za Busara Festival, Zanzibar & Festival TFF Rudolstadt

Waltzing 1914 at Maxim Gorki Theater with Moritz Eggert, Theresa Martini & the videocollective Transforma, composition & conception music performance about the relation of european avantegarde and worldwar one.

Programation of the Africa Music Conference at Berlin Music Week, with Tlale Makhene (South Africa), Burnt Friedmann (Berlin), MC Psychotek (Zimbabwe), Guy One (Ghana), Max Weissenfledt (Berlin), Puppetmastaz (Berlin) among others.
coordination & appearance of TEN CITIES album release on the UK Label Soundway Records & the TEN CITIES Berlin concert with 26 artists from Africa & Europe


Andi is in charge of the management for the TEN-CITIES phase Lagos, Nigeria along Sasha Perera

Hannes is in charge of the project management for TEN-CITIES phase Johannesburg

Part of "Gletscher Musik" festival in central asia. Collaboration with Ensemble Omnibus, Alois Späth & Lillevan.
Concerts in Tadschikistan, Kirgisitan, Kazaztan, Uzbekistan.

Research and concerts in Karachi and Lahore Pakistan. Invited by the Goethe Institut

Blind Spot concerts with Ensemble Decoder at Kampnagel Hamburg & Berghain Berlin

Live Remix of Ensemble Modern / Bernd Alois Zimmerman at the Cresc Festival opening, Frankfurt

Live Appearance at the Unioa Electronica in Luanda, Angola


Curating Soundcamp Sri Lanka with artists from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Germany

Mexico Tour with Alva Noto, additional shows in Honduras & Peru, invited by Goethe Institut Mexico

Initiating of the cultural network Adaptr.Org

Start of the BLNRB follow up project TEN-CITIES (Luanda, Nairobi, Berlin, Lagos, Lisboa, Naples, Kiev, Johannesburg, Bristol, Cairo)

Andi is in charge of the project management for the TEN-CITIES phase Luanda, Angola

Curating of "We call it Skweee!!!" for the Worldtronic Festival at HKW, Berlin.


Research tour with workshops and concerts in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan. Invited by the Goethe Institut Dehli

Release of BLNRB - Welcome To The Madhouse on Out|here Records

Andi starts the monthly radioshow "Von Wegen" on BLN.fm

Release of their second artist album "They Made Us Do It". touring Germany & Europe.


Andi appears with the noise band THE HAPPY END and their album Echoes Of Jericho / Festplatten

Curating the BLNRB showcase at Worldtronic Festival Berlin with 20 artists from both countries.


starting their party residency at Suicide Circus, Berlin

Rework of Fausto Romitellis Trash TV Trance for the second edition of NewMusiX.

Opening of the Tiroler Festpiele in Ehrl along Moritz Eggert´s "Auf dem Wasser zu singen" with choir, orchestra & live electronic

initiating BLNRB - Berlin Nairobi project together with Goethe Institut Nairobi featuring artists from Kenia and Germany.

Collaboration with Algerian Oriental Jazzband "Madar" in Algier and Tlemcen


Rework of Moritz Eggerts composition "Amade" for small ensemble as part of NewMusiX project by Piano Possible

second Japan tour, Tokio, Osaka, Saporro, Yokohama, Okinawa

Teichmann Hurt perform to the silent movie "The Red Heroine" in Guangzhou, China as part of the Deutschlandwoche


collaboration with Manila based Duo Rubber Inc as part of the Southeastasia project Soundscapes. curated by Hans Nieswandt and Goethe Institut

Release of their second artist album The Number Of The Beat on Disko B. Album tour around germany and europe
appearance at Kazantip Festival in the Ukraine

touring China, Hong Kong & Vietnam on invitation of the Goethe Institut Vietnam

Collaboration with the traditional vietnamese musician Pam Thi Hue


first Japan tour


Andi Teichmann Solo Debut „Fades“

Teichmann Hurt score the silent movie „Der Heilige Berg / The holy Mountain" as part of Regensburgs Silent Movie Week.


beigeGT release and touring with their second album „cue“ (L´age D´or)

Dj tour through Sibiria, invited by the Goethe-Institute Moskow. Shows in Jekatarinburg, Omsk, Thomsk, Krasnojask, Novosibirsk, Kemerowo

Taking part at the Peace2Day Festival Tiblissi Georgia, along bands from Aserbaidschan, Tchetchenia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia


intense touring in former yugoslawian countries.

GRAZ eV. exibition and showcase at Bydgosz City Museum, Poland

„festplatten“ 4 year anniversary tour in germany, austria, swiss, france, spain, slovenia, croatia, bosnia, russia.


collabortion with the contemporay ensemble „piano possibile“ at Muffathalle Munich on music by Tristan Murail

beigeGT- „knights of the jaguar“ cover is single of the week in UK´s New Musical Express

Co-founders of the artist association "Kunstverein GRAZ e.V.“ in Regensburg

Cultural award of the city of Regensburg


first appearance of Teichmann Hurt, together with the composer and zither player Leopold Hurt at the „Zither4“ festival in Munich.

Dj set at „Sonar by Day" Barcelona
beigeGT album debut, „jukebox heroes“, released on L´age D´or


first 12 Inch "Aus der Ferne" on cologne´s KOMPAKT label

Live- performance at the „ICA“ London (Institute of Contemporary Art)


Starting their own recordlabel „festplatten“

Co-founders of the „Vinyl im Kino“ as part of the yearly short film week „Internationalen Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche“ in Regensburg

1996 < alternative rockband„beigeGT“, together with their bavarian fellows Martin Haygis, Wolfgang Reutter und Klaus Kieswetter


part of "Club Schimmerlos", weekly initial clubnight for the upcoming electronic Scene in Regensburg at the Sudhaus Discotheke


starting their first teenage punk band "Totalschaden", with 10 year old Hannes as the leadsinger, 13 year old Andi on the guitar
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